Network Maintenance: DWDM fiber re-provision

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Network Maintenance: DWDM fiber re-provision
Posted by Jose Madrid on 17 January 2012 05:08 PM
We will be conducting network maintenance to re-provision the link used by our active DWDM gear in our chi02 datacenter on Monday, January 23, 2012.

Date: Monday, January 23, 2012
Start Time: 1:01 AM CST (GMT-6)
End Time: 2:00 AM CST (GMT-6)
Maintenance Scope: Physically re-provision fiber link used by DWDM gear in chi02
Location: Chicago
Customer Impact: Period of inaccessibility for customers using our internal network.

We will be performing maintenance on our active DWDM gear to physically move the fiber uplink it uses in our chi02 datacenter. This fiber move is being done to re-provision the fiber to assure future stability and better fit with future plans. This will only affect customers who currently use our internal network.

We expect the customer impact of this maintenance to be minimal, though some brief periods of inaccessibility will occur. While the work itself may only take a few minutes of configuration, we are allowing extra time to allow for extensive testing. This will give us the ability to ensure that no further issues will occur.

If you have any questions regarding this maintenance, please feel free to contact us in response to this email at

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