Important Changes to Steadfast Cloud Backups

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Important Changes to Steadfast Cloud Backups
Posted by Karl Zimmerman on 29 December 2012 07:08 PM

This email was sent to all Steadfast Cloud Platform customers on December 29 (Between 7PM and 8PM Central):

Up until now, we have supported automated backups through the Steadfast Cloud Platform, but as we have been expanding our Cloud Platform OnApp backups have faced numerous scaling issues.   Instead, we will be offering free Idera CDP licenses to all Steadfast Cloud Platform customers for our managed backup services ( and you can still make manual backups (allowing for quick restores and template creation) through the Cloud control panel.  If you want to keep any of your existing backups or want to have your new backup account setup please contact our sales department,

What this Means:
We will be turning off the existing automated backups in the Steadfast Cloud Platform and removing any of the backups created by these automated backups starting February 1, 2013.  If you do not want these backups removed please contact us immediately (  We will be turning off the ability to setup new automated backups immediately.

What are the Advantages?
Going with our standardized Idera CDP managed backup solution will assure that optimal disk performance is maintained, backups complete much quicker, backups are kept on entirely independent systems, you have more control of your backups/restores, and your long term billing is lower.  Idera CDP processes backups incrementally, resulting in significantly lower disk and resource utilization when creating backups, as the OnApp backups do a complete backup in every instance, even if there has been no data changed/updated.
To get your new Idera CDP backup account please contact our sales department,  Licenses for Cloud instances are free and disk space is available starting at $9.95/mo for 20GB.

Important: If you do not get Idera CDP backups, you will no longer have any automated backups for your account starting February 1, 2013.  If we do not hear from you before February 1, 2013, ALL automated backups WILL be removed.

Thank you for your cooperation, understanding, and patience.  If you have any questions, feel free to respond to this email, open a ticket (, or give us a call (312-602-2689).

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