Setting up nameservers in cPanelWHM

Setting up nameservers in cPanel/WHM
Posted by - NA - on 07 March 2006 05:07 AM
To host your own nameservers using WHM, you need to first select the primary domain name that you will use for your hosting. In this example we will use "" You will need to already have at least two IP addresses assigned to your server.

  1. Log into WHM and click on "Nameserver Selection" under "Service Configuration." Make sure "BIND" is selected, then click the "Save" button to confirm that you wish to enable the nameserver.
  2. Click on "Basic cPanel/WHM Setup." Find the options "Primary Nameserver" and "Secondary Nameserver." Enter the nameserver addresses ("" and "") into the two boxes.
  3. After entering the nameserver's name, click the button labeled "Assign IP address" next to each address. Note the IP that was assigned to each address. If this works correctly, also click the button labeled "Add an A entry for this nameserver" next to each address.
    • Important! If WHM gives an error about the nameserver already having an IP assigned, you must first delete any previous records that you set up on another server. Use the instructions in step 5 to find your domain's nameserver configuration and remove the existing addresses. Once you have deleted these records, return to step 2 and try again.
  4. Make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Save" button.
  5. Go to the control panel for your domain's registrar. Look for a feature that allows you to host your own nameservers. It may be called "Domain Host" or "Hosting Nameservers." From that interface, map the two IPs from step 3 to records for "ns1" and "ns2" Be sure that you assign the same IP that WHM chose or you may experience issues later on with DNS. If you had existing records here, delete them first, and start again from step 2.
  6. Your nameservers have now been set up! You may now set each domain you host to use these nameserver addresses ("" and ""), including the "" domain.
  7. If you added any accounts to WHM before creating your new nameservers, you should click on "Edit DNS Zone" under "DNS Functions." Edit each existing zone and verify the following:
    • On the line that says "IN SOA" make sure the next box contains the address of your primary nameserver ("" in this example).
    • On the lines with NS in the drop-down list, make sure the first lists your primary nameserver, and the second lists your secondard nameserver.

If you made any changes to the zone, be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save."

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11 May 2006 05:42 PM
Great Article Kevin. Got me "in the zone" pronto, immediately.
Thank you so much